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 We offer training for servicing of
 light motor vehicles.

 Automobile servicing training
 consists of three level


Basic Course


Advance Course


Specialization / Proficient Course


Training Programme

The course is categorized into three modules/style
1) Basic Course
2) Advance Course
3) Specialization / Proficient course

Basic course
Gives an overall idea of automobile from the history, origin and passing through the major sub-assys and working system of automobile. It familiarizes the students about the automobile before their entrance into the service field. This means and targets for fresh candidates.

Advance Course.
In-depth studies of all the following working system of automobile
1) Power unit(Engine),
2) Clutch & Transmission,
3) Differential & Axle,
4) Suspension & Steering System,
5) Brake  System,
6) Weather Control & Electrical System including Ignition system
7) Chassis & Body including Fasteners, Different kind of washer, Oil seal etc

Specialization / Proficient Course
This is designed for in-house training to the technical people who are already employed with automobile service industry having 5 years of experience on shop floor. The topics consists of electronics, Automatic Transmission and Self Restraint System e t c.




AutoMak Academy


Affiliated to Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India



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